Why Essential Oils?


The earliest evidence of essential oil use goes right back to 3000 – 2500 BC in Egypt.

Egyptians used aromatic extracts for beauty, culinary uses, also spiritual and physical wellbeing.


An essential oil is a compound extracted from a plant, The oils capture the plant’s scent and flavour, or “essence.”

Unique aromatic compounds give each essential oil its characteristic essence.

Essential oils are obtained through a few different extraction methods, and the part of the plant we get the essential oil from can be different depending on the oil but is typically the most aromatic part. Rose oil, for example, comes from the petals of the rose, while citrus oils come from the rind."

There are over 90 essential oils which all have their own unique smell and health benefits

Inhaling the aromas from essential oils can stimulate areas of your limbic system, which is a part of your brain that plays a role in emotions, behaviours, sense of smell, and long-term memory

Interestingly, the limbic system is heavily involved in forming memories. This can partly explain why familiar smells can trigger memories or emotions

The limbic system also plays a role in controlling several unconscious physiological functions, such as breathing, heart rate, and blood pressure. As such, some people claim that essential oils can exert a physical effect on your body.


Here at Luna Magic so far we stock 23 of the 90 Pure Oils Plus Oil blends which you can find on our website


Oils we stock:



Reduce anxiety and depression, Ease morning sickness, Improve skin, Relieve pain, Improve cold symptoms, Feel energized, Treat acne, Heal wounds, cleaning.




Elevates mood and alleviates stress, bergamot oil is also said to have characteristics similar to grapefruit essential oil in that it is antiseptic, antispasmodic, and analgesic (pain-relieving), possibly offering some benefit for health issues like skin infections




  • antiseptic.

  • anti-inflammatory.

  • antispasmodic.

  • diuretic.

  • insecticidal.

  • antifungal.

  • Produces melatonin – good for sleep


Clary Sage


  • Stress reduction. Aromatherapy uses the power of scent to calm the mind and reduce feelings of anxiety.

  • Antibacterial properties.

  • Natural antidepressant.

  • Alleviation of menopause symptoms.

  • Reducing menstrual cramps.

  • Natural Sedative


Wild Cypress


  • To Combat Anxiety.

  • For An Energy Boost. The chemical structure of cypress oil also contributes to its renewing and uplifting fragrance.

  • For Skin Care.

  • To Relax Muscles.

  • As Natural Deodorant

  • Relieve Muscle Pain

  • Acne

  • Cellulite

  • Warts + Cuts

  • Varicose Veins




The King of oils Frankincense promotes cellular health, also brings feelings of relaxation, peace, and overall wellness.

Grounding + boosts immunity.




Geranium essential oil has been used to treat health conditions for centuries. There is scientific data indicating that it may be beneficial for a number of conditions, such as anxiety, depression, infection, and pain management. It's thought to have antibacterial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties.  Helps with hair growth, swelling from Edema, menopause and shingles




Supress your appetite, balance mood, antibacterial, reduce stress, lowers blood pressure and good for acne


Juniper Berry

UTI’s, health and kidney function, a natural toner for the skin, helps with blemishes.  Its calming & grounding, good in massage oil, for blood circulation and dandruff.  juniper is inhaled to treat bronchitis and numb pain.




Lavender essential oil is one of the most popular and versatile essential oils used in aromatherapy. Distilled from the plant Lavandula angustifolia, the oil promotes relaxation and believed to treat anxiety, fungal infections, allergies, depression, insomnia, eczema, nausea, and menstrual cramps.

Aids with sleep as it is a relaxant, soothes allergies, bites + stings, chickenpox, sunburn, wrinkles and stretch marks.  This diverse oil has so many benefits!




Deodorizer, skin health, hair health, insect repellent, reduce stress, detox, stomach aches, headaches, swelling, arthritis & Joint pain, kills bacteria, reduce fever, lowers cholesterol, good for flu’s and colds



Aids in fighting infection, tooth pain, reduces dark skin spots, acne, restores energy, disinfectant, purifies the air



Purifies the blood, removes toxins, helps with digestion, promotes cell tissue growth, inflammation and stress, aids with liver function, use in cooking, body scrubs, perfume and helps regulate sleep


Antibacterial, antiseptic, depression, oral care, skin – wrinkle buster, stimulates blood circulation


Anxiety, depression, cleaning, pain relief, exercise performance, weight loss, antioxidant, immune booster, good digestion, skin cleansing, deters ants, and is calming – Orange is such a fantastic oil for all things health



Natural antidepressant – so good for anxiety and instant calming, reduces scars and cellulite, anti-aging and helps with dry skin, wounds, ulcers, tightens the skin, good hair care and insect repellent, helps with mood swings!



Ahh so fresh! The headache/migraine cure, shock, nerves and vertigo aid, muscle pain, refreshing, helps concentration, motion sickness and nausea relief



Respiratory, hair growth and strength, bad breath, tones skin, removes dry skin, prevents acne, stress and boosts mental activity.  Aids with memory


Headaches, grounding, muscle & joint pain, skin inflammation, boosts memory, reduce blood pressure, congestion, calms the mind, aids with youthful skin, natural deodorant, aids with sore throats and ear infections



Sepsis, stimulates cell regeneration, purifies the blood, removes toxins, maintains oil and moisture balance on the skin, spasms, alleviates water retention and reduces stretch marks

Tea Tree

The all natural antiseptic!  Antiviral, cold sores, head lice, ticks and insects, disinfectant, mould remedy, coughs, colds and tooth ache aid, skin cleanser, acne healer, sores and bite relief.


Ylang Ylang

The love oil! Increases libido, aids with depression and promotes self-love, strengthens nervous system, lowers blood pressure and reduces heart rate – Is also a natural aphrodisiac



Relives stress, emotional trauma and shock, lucid dreams, deters lice and soothes acne.  Helps with arthritis, stings and burns.  Boosts skin health and also diffuse for nervousness and insomnia



Relaxing & calming, Fresh and clean, respiratory healing, antiseptic, reduces fever, treats cold and flu, throat infections and bronchitis.  Powerful disinfectant to purify the air and your home.