Kama perfume oil is the Original Indian Love Oil. It has been prepared according to the original 1971 formulation using only the very best ingredients available in New Zealand


The Scent: 

The main ingredient of KAMA is Bergamot which is a citrus fruit mainly found in the Mediterranean and the essential oil it releases is both spicy and sweet. It is highly prized in perfumery for its ability to blend well with other aromas to produce complex scents. It is used in the pure essential oil form for calming the energy.

Although the combination of products that make up the unique scent that is KAMA, is closely guarded by the manufacturers, the blend includes cinnamon and cloves together with the rich floral notes of rose, geranium & tuberose.

The base note is woody, balsamic, & leathery which comes from blending patchouli, vetiver & oakmoss in just the right amounts.

Vetiver can sometimes be very earthy, and like Patchouli is in hundreds of men’s scents as a part of the mix of notes. This is probably why the KAMA appeals to women and men who like earthy scents as opposed to floral scents. Patchouli is also known for its calming and grounding effect on the body. Oakmoss is a type of light green to green-black fungal lichen that grows primarily on the trunk and branches of oak trees, hence its name. It carries scents of the forest – again earthy and fulsome. It is also used in many perfumes to hold the notes of the other mixes.


“KAMA today, 45 years from origination, is regarded as a unique fragrance. It has stood the test of time and must surely rank as one of a kind in the realms of the ‘TRULY GREAT’”.  by Creator – James Griffin.

Kama Perfume Oil 30ml

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  • Ingredients: Isopropyl Myristate, Perfume – consisting of fresh top notes of bergamot, exotic spicy middle notes of cinnamon, cloves with rich floral notes of rose, geranium & tuberose. The base note is woody, balsamic, & leathery with patchouli, vetiver & oakmoss.

    Contents: 30mls

    Contains No Preservatives